Yoga Teacher – Paddy ( Padmaja Johnson )


Yoga Teacher

Our Yoga teacher Paddy was born in India – a traditional culture steeped in spirituality and wisdom, Paddy has been practicing Yoga since childhood. She has completed her Yoga Teacher Training from the Australian College of Classical Yoga (ACCY). Paddy has created her own picturesque Vinya Yoga & Ayurveda Ashram, which is dedicated to the education and practice of Yoga, Ayurvedic Treatments along with complementary Healing and Wellness Techniques.

Paddy says

“Yoga, Classical Dance and Music has been my passion since childhood. Cooking healthy food & incorporating Ayurvedic science into the diet has been a big influence in my life. Vinya YogaVeda Ashram is my vision and dream. In this nurturing Ashram environment, we with other yogis and yoginis aim to help you live a holistic, healthy, meaningful and fulfilled life and realize your higher potential and vision!”